Cars 3D: Ultimate Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray]

Pixar is releasing 'Cars' in Blu-ray 3D

Pixar’s landmark 2006 animated movie, Cars, is available for the first time in Blu-ray 3D and is ready to ship. Get information about the Cars 3D: Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

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Hunger Games: Catching Fire final trailer

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchison in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'

The final trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire debuted last night during the World Series, but you can watch it here. The movie opens Nov. 22.

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Hollywood Box Office: Bad Grandpa did good

Johnny Knoxville in 'Bad Grandpa'

Bad Grandpa, the new release from Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass franchise, tops the weekend movie box office charts. The Counselor flops despite its illustrious creative team and cast.

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Despite colorful testimony and exhibits, The Counselor loses its case

Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz in 'The Counselor'

The first movie made from a Cormac McCarthy script, The Counselor is a nasty, unweldy piece of work. You expect nastiness from a thriller about the drug trade set on the lawless Mexico border, but shouldn’t a movie about it make sense on some level?

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Clooney’s Monuments Men release date pushed to 2014

Matt Damon and George Clooney in 'The Monuments Men'

The release of The Monuments Men will be delayed until 2014 to give George Clooney, who directs as well as stars in the World War II drama, time to finish visual effects works. Another movie that hit a time crunch, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, has been delayed from Nov. 15 to open on Christmas Day, the studio announced this week.

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Hollywood Box Office: Gravity, Captain Phillips keep top spots


Gravity and Captain Phillips hold onto the top box office spots as the week’s new releases, including Carrie (above), stumble.

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Watch the new trailer for Belle

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in 'Belle'

This British costumed drama may look and sound like yet another tale inspired by Jane Austen, but watch the trailer to see what makes Belle different. Tom Wilkinson, Emily Watson, Matthew Goode, Miranda Richardson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw star.

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